We strive to maintain a healthy teacher-to-child ratio which ensures an optimum rate of individual attention as opposed to other conventional teaching methodologies. With this, we can better understand the potential, passion, and field(s) of interest concerned with each child. As a result, we can motivate them in their own path and mold their thoughts to better-fit their dreams.

Our teaching programs cover even young people like 10th drop-outs, especially forming a part of community college. At Bridgin, we work to enhance the skill-set of these teenagers both with respect to the profession as well as life. Through this community-college oriented teaching program, we even provide the youths an employment opportunity on attaining an age of 18 years. As a result, we make an attempt to address one of our national issue, the unemployment.

Providing every child’s basic right – EDUCATION


Education is one of the fundamental rights assured by our constitution to every citizen of our country. However, not all public are fortunate enough to enjoy this privilege. The reason might be their financial state or the unavailability of resources or an issue concerned with gender. Through our association, we build schools at which people can pursue their right to get educated. Our volunteers visit shelter homes, government schools, and orphanages and impart quality education to the children there, especially in subjects like English and Mathematics.


Through a low teacher-student ration, we thrive to give individual attention to children and help these children get the guidance they need which they fail to get otherwise. This will not only enable them to understand the teaching better but also open up to their teacher better by building a good rapport and more scope for betterment & improvement.

Each teacher will spend a pre-defined time with the children assigned to them, thus molding the children to become better learners, better individuals, and better achievers.