Discovering an individual’s potential for action and change


Improvement is expected to be a part of anything and everything – society, being not an exception! Societal reforms are important as they occupy a prime role in the development of a nation. Irrespective of being natural or man-triggered, they are always desired to be in a positive direction.

We do understand the important fact that any reform in society is connected with the lives of the people. As a result, we resort to a bottom-to-top approach to address the issue. That is, we work to improve the living standard of the individuals first, following which a family, a community, a region and a nation, experience constructive growth.


Our volunteers impart them necessary skills so as to decide on the smaller issues which might arise at school- or college- level. These micro-scale issues approximately mimic the macro-level problems prevailing in society. As a result, the knowledge acquired during the training sessions helps the teenagers to successfully tackle major civic, economic, environmental and democratic issues.
Through Bridgin programs, we instill the leadership qualities in children and youth. This enables them to effectively act as decision-makers and reformers, aiming at improving the nation as a whole while progressing individually.


To accomplish this, we make the children and youngsters conscious of the happenings around them. Our awareness workshops conducted in schools and colleges help us to inspire the people to actively take part in the society-oriented discussions.