The Birth of Bridgin

The Birth of Bridgin

Bridgin, is an organisation started with the sole purpose to provide a platform to empower individuals to aspire and inspire to discover their true potential to learn, apply what they have learnt and lead through ownership.

With this mission in mind began the journey of Bridgin. Throughout the year our goal is to create an impact on the children we interact with who in-turn create an impact on through the education they receive.

As we took our first few steps, we were faced with several challenges; be it getting a strong volunteer base, training the volunteers to equip themselves to interact with children, conducting classes with children in student friendly manner, to keep the children’s spirits high and getting the centers we go to show keen interest in our program. We tackled these challenges one at a time; firstly by making sure we recruited passionate volunteers, secondly conducting effective training session for these volunteers and having regular volunteer engagement to make sure all gaps are being filled, thirdly by designing a student friendly curriculum and finally being in touch with the centers where we conduct classes to gauge if what we impart is benefiting the children effectively.

From the program’s perspective we see that our children enjoyed our program, were eager to attend our classes and we saw that our program has a positive and effective impact on them.

The more closely we interacted with children the more we learned to keep our program going in the right direction to educate and empower our children effectively.

Our priority for the coming years is to continue to stabilize our foundation though which we can provide a true holistic education system for the children and create impactful leaders amongst the children and youth, equally.

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