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About Us

Our Vision: Inspire and Aspire every child, youngster and community to reach their fullest potential to achieve their Dreams and create an Impact.

Our Mission: Empower children and youngsters to dream, to learn and to discover their potential towards achieving their dreams.

BRIDGIN is an empowering organization that aspires and inspires individuals to dream, to learn and to discover their potential towards achieving their dreams through the right  education, guidance, mentoring and motivation.

Bridgin’s one pillar works towards imparting a strong education system to children in shelter homes, government school and orphanages and the second pillar works towards instilling citizenship skills and life coping skills in children, youngsters and communities. Thus in the process, mentoring and guiding them.

We aim to help individuals to utilize their untapped potential and become the dreamers, achievers and change-makers, thus making their life and their surrounding a much better place.

How do we operate?

Bridgin is completely youth driven, thereby allowing youngsters to become a strong social force. These youngsters lead and mold the children, fellow youngsters and communities. There by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to learn well, learn to dream and achieve their dreams and stand-up for the right things by bringing about a positive change.

Bridgin Teach

Providing every child’s basic right – EDUCATION


Because the right to education is the basic right of every child. While all children are dreamy eyed about all the possibilities they can achieve and accomplish in their lives, not all of them get the opportunity to realize these dreams because of the circumstances they are currently in.



Through our Bridgin Teach program we aspire to provide a good education support to children in shelter homes, government school and orphanages. This support aims to help children in their subjects like English and Math. These are the subjects they find particularly difficult since English is not their primary language and Math not being taught to them by giving them the needed individual attention.

Bridgin also works with Bangalore Community College for Imparting Life Coping skills, Work Skills, Functional Teaching and Mentor Children this academic year 2017-2018.
Children in Community College are either 10th grade dropout or College dropout and come from a background not financially privileged. These are the very same children who for whatever reasons are unable to thrive in regular class rooms but shine bright when taught the real time principals, values and skills in their own way and at their own pace. Through these teaching we are making sure that they get employed once they reach the age of 18years. Thus bringing down the unemployment count in our country.



Through a low teacher-student ration we thrive to give individual attention to children and help these children get the guidance they need which they fail to get other wise. This will not only enable them to understand the teaching better but also open up to their teacher better by building a good rapport and more scope for betterment & improvement.

Each teacher will spend a pre-defined time with the children assigned to them, thus molding the children to became better learners, better individuals and better achievers.

Bridgin Change

Discovering individual’s potential for action and change


Because it is necessary for children, youngsters and communities to become sensitive towards things happening around them, be socially aware and contribute positively in making our nation and this world a better place. All of this can be done by equipping leadership qualities in them to make a difference through their action and change.

When every person takes care to bring about a positive change in the area surrounding him/her, the entire nation will move in the right direction.



Children-the future of our nation, youngsters-our current strong force and communities-the building blocks of our nation together can bring about change they wish to see for the betterment of themselves and those around.

Anything that bothers one and brings a not so positive impact can always be tackled, changed and sustained. We help people realize their potential for action and change through workshops, by taking real time action and thus they become decision makers and change makers.



– By conducting awareness workshops in several communities, colleges and schools.

– By conducting workshops which will empower and enable them to lead better lives where they aspire to do better and inspire other to do better.

– By inspiring children and youngsters to start of solving smaller problems in their schools/colleges and expand their horizon to solve bigger civic & democratic issues.

– By empowering individuals and communities to take actions and bring about the change they wish to see; not necessarily in the entire world but just around them. If every one works towards bringing about the change around them first then the entire nation, the entire world will be clean and free.

Photo Gallery


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Meet the Team

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    Ramya Ramamurthy

    Founder and CEO

    Ramya is an Electronics and Communications Engineer by qualification. Having worked closely with children and youth, she realized the enormous potential these two set of people have to work towards achieving their dreams. But again most of them don’t achieve their dreams due to lack of guidance, mentoring and motivation. Hence begin the story of Bridgin- a platform where set of people equipped with knowledge come forward to teach, guide, mentor and motivate children and youth to dare to dream and work towards achieving their dreams. Thus creating a wonderful world for themselves and those around them in the process. Apart from Bridgin, she loves yoga, writing, design and everything handmade.

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    Prathima Arikeri


    Pratima is an optimist and a singer who studied Environmental Science at Bangalore University. Teaching has always been her passion, may it be to have a story-telling session with the kindergarten or to have an active learning session with the graduates and under graduates. Currently she is she overlooks the day to day operations and activities at Bridgin. With a positive outlook on life, Pratima believes that one can achieve whatever they want in life, wherefore they have to be
    focused, work towards it every day, and never give up inspite of failures. Apart from reading, she loves travelling to new places, connecting with nature, and doing mindful meditation gives her all the energy required to stay happy.

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    Sangeeta Isaac

    Associate Director

    Sangeeta completed her MS in Management Information Systems at Texas A&M University. In addition to technology, she is passionate about Entrepreneurship and dedicates her time as Programs officer for the Texas A&M Entrepreneurship Society.
    She is a strong believer in bringing social change through education. This belief has made her join on Board with Bridgin and work towards bringing about positive change in this society by educating the children and youth in the right direction.

  • naveen

    Naveen Alamanda

    Chief Advisor

    Naveen holds a Dual degree (B.Tech & M.Tech) in Computer Science & Engineering from IIT Madras. A try-many-things guy that he is, he shares different interests with diverse set of people and just cannot not-speak of anything under the Sun. And the shade too.
    Naveen is known for his values, passion & dedication. He loves working with children and youth. An ardent supporter of right to equal opportunities across socio-economic boundaries.

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    Pooja Sanika

    PR Lead

    Pooja is a Software Engineer. She is the PR Lead at Bridgin. Pooja is an enthusiastic individual who believes that one book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world. She firmly believes that as education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change world, Bridgin gave her the right opportunity to work to contribute towards the change in making this world a better place.  She loves to read books, trekking, being one among the children and exploring herself everyday.

  • IMG_20160710_150846188_BURST000_COVER_TOP_1

    Yogeeta Bhaskar

    Finance Lead

    Yogeeta is an Audit executive and is also pursuing her C.A (Chartered Accountant), currently working as an. She has always worked on one dictum in life and that’s if you cannot inspire thousands inspire at least one, because one is enough to start a revolution. They say, “Phenomenon must be fostered over time.”, she says, “Let’s start with a child!”. She enjoys bringing out the kid in her time and again and knows that what better way to do that than spending quality time with children. Yogeeta is the Finance Lead at Bridgin. As a Finance Lead, she makes sure there is accountability in our every move and proper funding for our every goal. She has also played an active role in developing a suitable curriculum for Bridgin. She also works on Fund raising events and other activities that upholds Bridgin Motto. On a Personal note, Literature is her passion. She love writing Poetry and occasional articles. Yogeeta is also an animal lover.


Raghavendra Sathyanarayana (Bridgin Mentor)

Bridgin is one of the most beautiful thing which happened in my life. We are a bunch of very energetic and passionate mentors who are putting in our best efforts to bring change in our children’s life and in the process giving better citizens to our country. As we know that today’s children are the future of our country. I am glad to be interacting and guiding the children whom I teach. One of the biggest lesson I have learnt at Bridgin is ‘Never underestimate what a child is capable of’.

Aparna Devarajulu (Bridgin Mentor)

Interacting with children and playing the role of a mentor has been an enjoyable experience for me.

During my initial interaction with the children, I found that they were not really comfortable expressing themselves and their views about a subject. As we moved on, all children started enjoying the Bridgin Sessions by showing active participation. I feel this positive change in children is going to be the driving factor in achieving our Goal.
Its not only limited to children and their ideas, this initiative is expected to have long lasting effect on the children’s lives to make this a better place to live for all of us !!
These kids are a breathe of Fresh air in this ever competitive world!
I feel rewarded to be a part of Bridgin that gave me a platform to create the future change-makers :)

Ashwini Elumalai(Bridgin Mentor)

Working with the children continually offered Challenges and rewards; the most exhilarating reward was seeing my work make a difference on a daily basis. The enthusiasm that the children would show as they began to understand and gain sheer motivation to take advantage and learn from what I could teach was sincerely gratifying. The other teachers were welcoming and supportive and it makes you feel like a part of the team from the first day.

I could literally witness the gradual transition in children, from having to break through their confined shells and open up with ideas that would bring changes to the society, and change for the better society. With this we as a team of Bridgin have accomplished half our way towards success.

Hrishikesh Prabhu(Bridgin Mentor)

Being a mentor for children at Bridgin has truly been a rewarding experience for me and the journey – epic. Most children in general are shy to begin with, but once they get to know you, they look upto you as their mentor and trust you for help and guidance. It then gives you a responsibility that is paramount and bestows you with a fulfillment that is immeasurable. The happiness and energy that the children display has brought back so many childhood memories for me.

Interacting and learning  from my fellow mentors at Bridgin in an atmosphere filled with dedication and commitment has helped me better my personality as well as my leadership abilities. But most importantly it has taught me to believe that event the slightest positive influence has the potential to change a child’s life. Being part of the Bridgin family has truly left a lasting impact on me.

 Anita Antony(Bridgin Mentor)

Bridgin is a dream come true to me as teaching is my passion. Bridgin brought me into a two way zone where I teach children and try my best in molding them into better citizens and better humans. I am having an amazing experience with children as they are so enthusiastic towards studying and anything that we set out to teach them. I get to teach and learn from them and I am loving the experience. I love to be associated with Bridgin forever as its an amazing platform for me guide and mentor my children. Thanks Bridgin for this amazing opportunity.



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